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    Give Your Immune
    System a Daily Boost

    Studies have shown that polysaccharopeptide (PSP), the key ingredient in I'm-Yunity extract, supports immune health and helps stabalize white blood cell counts. It enhances quality of life by maintaining good energy levels and appetite
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    Sound Research,
    Strong Protection

    I'm-Yunity® extract effectively delivers polysaccharopeptite (PSP), isolated from the COV-1® strain of the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom, also known as Yunzhi. Ancient practitioners have known for centuries that Yunzhi is good for maintaining general health and preserving the normal aging process if taken appropriately.

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    Regain Your Natural

    In Chinese medicine, there is no specific term for "immunity." Chinese medicine focuses on the internal harmony of qi to maintain immune health. This internal harmony encompasses the balance of qi movement throughout the body and the balance of qi in the organs.

Introducing I'm-Yunity®!

I’m-Yunity® is a pure, single-species medicinal mushroom extract made with from Coriolus versicolor using deep layer cultivation and hot water extraction method. It contains the standardized ingredient polysaccharopeptide (PSP).

I’m-Yunity® is researched at top Institutions throughout the United States, Hong Kong and China. It has been clinically tested and manufactured in the USA adhering to strict USP c-GMP standards.

I’m-Yunity® is the ONLY mushroom extract product with over 20 years of extensive studies and trials.

  • I’m-Yunity® is tested to comply with heavy metal, pesticide and microbial safety standards.
  • 100% Vegetarian capsule
  • Standardized extract of PSP. Each capsule contains 38% or more of Polysaccharide content and 11.5% or more of Peptide content
  • Guaranteed quality and formulation.
  • Manufactured in the USA in adherence to USP c-GMP guidelines.

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